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No One's Perfect

I'm Catholic, I love Catholics (generally). But I think that doing everything in your power to get someone fired because they disagree with some of your principles is pretty ridiculous. It is reverse bigotry.

There have been alot of people posting on the Edwards campaign "scandal," where two of his bloggers resigned under fierce pressure from an ultra-conservative Catholic organization. As a woman, a moderate feminist, a Catholic, and an aspiring politico I feel the need to comment.

Everyone gets to have their own ideas. Although posting on a personal blog in a public domain is sort of counter-intuitive, there is a difference between writing for yourself and writing for others. These women resigned because they were put under intense scrutiny and pressure and were not allowed to respond lest their response be used to futher exacerbate the situation.

I know that there are alot of Catholics who are passionate about the right to life and preventing gay marriage. But, in the same way that we wouldn't like to be called cult members for saying the Nicene Creed altogether, we shouldn't judge others for their methods of communicating. If the two women who resigned DID write outrageous things like "women should have the right to choose" and "gay marriage is considered a sin by many Christians," I'd like to have somebody please tell me how this is incorrect (from a legal standpoint - not a values one).

They were singled out to ... what? Make a point? Prove that there are non-Catholics out there? There are people who disagree on certain moral issues? Political issues? Did they have to lose their jobs to do that?

I am advocating no point here except to say that I feel like if people want to take issue with people writing personal thoughts on personal pages, they should STOP reading them. And, if you are going to put pressure on others to follow your moral code and values, you darn well better be their parent or, perfect.

And if you were paying attention in church, you'd know you weren't perfect.


All of that being said, it makes it even more obvious that I have to be calculated in my posting. Which is kind of crummy because I like being able to write openly. But I need to get a job soon. And in communications, you get a little bit more spotlight attention than most. So I won't be "scrubbing" or taking down archives or doing any other ridiculous thing of the sort. But I'll be being more careful. Sorry about that.

Love always, ~Heather


All the more reason many people opt not to B.U.R.N. -- blog under real name.

Everybody who reads your blog may know who you are, but your opinions aren't easily "Google-able" by future employers (or current, for that matter...)
Heather, in this town, moderate to liberal views are probably going to get you a lot further in your career. As a conservative, I was forced to delete every political activity from my resume in order to find a job. I wouldn't worry all that much about any career aspirations and blog away.
One of them particularly liked to call Jesus "Jeebus". As a moderate Catholic, how do you like it when people treat the Lord with that degree of disrespect?

Just wondering if anything they said in their blogs bothers you. Not whether or not they should be fired. Maybe I agree with you that they shouldn't be fired. But I do think that a political candidate shouldn't be hiring people who represent values other than what he either pretends to believe in, or really believes in. There is a nasty anti-religious tendency in the left, and allowing this behaviour to continue would have been a tacit condonation of that anti-religious streak in American left-wing politics.