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Three things I could do without ...

1. Francis - who is quite possibly the bane of my AU existence and possibly a spawn of Satan. (Special note for Melissa: this makes him related to the annoying cousin of the spawn of Satan.)

2. Financial Aid (the office, not the actual monetary support) - who really have no idea what they are doing and send a secretary to answer questions for me that I am perfectly capable of asking myself. Oh, and who decide part way through EVERY SEMESTER to stop funding me, requiring me to spend hours figuring out where they made their gigantic, stupid, mistake.

3. Friendlessness - because everyone should have a friend. Period. (If you watched Grey's Anatomy tonight, this is mostly in reference to the "she's my person comment.")
**(I should note that I am not claiming to be friendless - not by any stretch of the imagination.)**

Unfortunately, I have little control over these features in my life (and the control I have is overpowered by masochism or an idiotic urge to make life better for others at the detriment of my mental health). So, for now, I am going to forget my "f" alliteration and work on some rhetorical devices in my homework. Ridiculous.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Does anyone know a word that begins with "F" and rhymes with death? (I just figured out my sentence rhymed.) ~HB

P.P.S. - I actually am having a pretty good day. Dinner was fabulous ... I got to have mache and duck and calamari and good wine. Yum yum. Plus, I love having my parents around. Details of their trip and pictures tomorrow. Love and hugs, ~HB