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Here are some tidbits I have received lately that bring a light to my eyes and a smile to my face.

This is credited to my Aunt Barbara who sent this out as a "brighten your day message."

On Wednesday of next week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. That won't ever happen again in our lifetime.

However, if you do some quick calculations, I think you can find some other fun dates and times.

From my Aunt Rosemary, Proof that Global Warming Exists:

How about that for sad but true?

And this is significant proof that they need new analysts.

"There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the state of communications, the daily communication from the podium, the congressional communications and strategic communications from both in and outside the White House," said one White House insider.

Firing the Press Secretary because the leader of the country can't open his mouth without tripping over something. Yeah. Quite reasonable.

Then, this from TIME Europe: A Strange Type of Revolution:
Forget the spirit of 1789 — France has lost the ability to adapt to a changing world

In Strange Defeat, a superb essay written in the aftershock of France's capitulation in 1940, the historian Marc Bloch wrote: "Let us have the courage to admit what has just been vanquished in ourselves: it is our cherished small-town ways. The languid passage of the days, the slowness of the buses, the sleepy authorities, the shortsighted political bickering, the unambitious artisans, our taste for déjà vu and distrust of anything unexpected which could disturb our cozy habits. All that succumbed to the dynamic energy of Germany and its buzzing hives." Today, it is no longer a warlike Germany that buzzes but an industrious China, and soon India. As in previous ruptures, France today faces a major choice. It can refuse to fight in the global competition, indulge its cozy habit of the 35-hour week, defend its privileges tooth and nail, and watch its talented youth go abroad. Or it can shake up the well-protected to give more opportunity to the more vulnerable, slash public spending and reduce debt and modernize its social pact to allow French people — particularly its youth — to believe in the future.

Well, it is certainly going to be difficult to do that if we keep telling kids they should stop dreaming.

Then more proof that I should not join the raging number of people who have cellphones.

This email just came in:

Thank you, Heather! Welcome to American University. Your enrollment deposit of $250.00 for Fall 2006 has been received.

For Harry Potter and outer space fanatics everywhere:

Nemiroff said his favorite April Fools' Day Astronomy Picture of the Day was posted in 2001. The image shows two space shuttle astronauts on a space walk. The two were described as playing the historic first "Space Quidditch" match. Quidditch is a fictional game played by wizards in the popular J.K. Rowling's popular Harry Potter novels.

In addition, I would like to link you to my other web page in case you are still bored and looking for interesting things to read. Gotta run, but I love you all. Hugs and kisses, ~Heather


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