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Long Time No See

This is in reference to two things:

First, that I have not blogged in a significantly long time for me (yes, nine whole days without words from your inspirational master herself).

Second, that I never knew how much of the Bible I was overlooking, how much of my life I was missing, how much simplicity could not only be pleasant and relaxing, but comforting as well.

The past five days at Taizé have probably been the most transforming days of my entire experience in France. I met people from all over the world, got to go to church three times a day, danced and sang all sorts of songs in something like 13 languages, and managed all of this while sleeping in a tent covered in spiders.

(You know if there were lots of spiders and I still had a good time, it must have been something really big, because I HATE spiders. (Internal note: I do not hate spiders in general, because hating is very mean and also because ther would be alot more bugs and hungry birds if it weren't for spiders. All I'm really saying is, I don't want them in my sleeping bag or hair. (Another note: I didn't even scream about the one in my hair - go me. Mrs. Hussein would have been proud.)))

I cannot even place into words the entire experience as I am just now begining to feel the biggest waves from the experience. I do promise however a whole dialogue tomorrow though, because I have to tell you all about it. There is no way I couldn't share this. In that respect, I'll stop talking about that for a moment (see tomorrow's blog) and move on to messages, notes, and other extras.

Messages: My phone has run out of batteries and for the moment I cannot view what numbers have called me. Therefore, if you attempted to call me in the past few days, I have no clue, and won't be able to call you back for this reason. I will just assume all of you called me, internationally, this week when I wouldn't be able to find out who it was.

I was super thrilled to see the commentary you guys left me, and I will definitely try going to the Capitol at night and for sure we will see each other (and any other USC alums in the DC area (or anyone for that matter) next year. [Noting especially the people who are interested in learning some really cool songs and prayers and reflexions that I am dying to share with a group!!!!]

Notes: I have now given out this blog address to most of my french friends and upon my return to the United States, this blog may become entirely written in French - and or, you can look for a new link to a French (or English) site of similar style and format in translation (these may not be exactly the same as we all benefit from different stories this way).

Quand je rentre je vais essayer de faire ce blog en français pour les gens qui envie. S'il vous plait attends-moi avec patience pendant le transition de anglais à français parce que mon français oralment est beaucoup mieux après mon séjour, mais c'est sûr que j'ai manqué l'écriture (pour example, tous les fautes que j'avais déjà fait dans ce petit paragraphe).

Extras: As it turns out, I look pretty silly with a sunglasses tan.

Hey and Hey-do mean hello and goodbye in Swedish.

Making a daisy or daffodil chain is much easier than I thought.

Sitting Indian style for too long will give you bruises.

Ketchup should not be used as a replacement for tomato sauce on pasta.

People who leave messages should respond to the messages left for them. (If you aren't sure if this means you, but you think it could mean you, it probably does. So respond you sad, sad, slow people!) (Typed in all smiling happiness and jest, but still meant seriously.)

The crypts are nothing like I expected them to be. They aren't scary at all.

Walking home at night is scary, and I have to do that now, in the dark, alone.

I'm thinking about you and missing you already (too, in your case).

Honey helps your throat feel better.

My honey is in my room.

I must therefore go to my room in search of honey.

Hugs and kisses until tomorrow, love always, ~Heather