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The Plan

The plan for next year, as it stands now, is American University. But what does that mean? Where am I really going? What will I do when I get there? Hehe, I'm just joking. But, I did run across this link to Fodor's Guide to DC where you can read about most things online. So, if you haven't recently been to the nation's capitol, or you are planning on visiting me in my new digs (currently roommate less and apartmentless, anyone gonna be in the area next year?) you'll already know all about the city.

However, I think we should start with the present and work our way out....

I am going to finish teaching tomorrow and then spend Easter weekend here with my French family. I have Monday (packing day) and then a whole week in a tent (okay, 5 days). I am going to Taizé, which is a monastery in the middle of France. It is an international prayer and music retreat for young people from all around the world. 3,000 high schoolers and university students are expected to be attending from Europe to Japan. Anyone from France has to sleep in a tent. I would like to note that I am American. Darn me coming from Charleville, the foreigners get to sleep indoors!

After that I am heading back here for a day or two. I haven't got that entirely figured out yet. I will however be visiting the bank to officially close the checking account (savings closed today) and fitting in one more volleyball practice in that time. Oh yeah, and finishing packing obviously. Oh, and getting the phone line cut off. I am also hoping to spend a day in Reims with one of the English teachers. If I had to be a teacher, I would want to be like her.

Moving on to the last few days, I'll be attending the Champanules retreat (same chorus group I was with in November). I am really looking forward to this journey for multiple reasons, the least of which is being able to comparitively relate an experience a month in and one at the very end of the trip. The retreat lasts until Monday and then it is back to Paris for Tuesday, and Wednesday I catch US Airways Flight 27 home.

I'm not getting sad about it now. [Talking to self in an encouraging manner.] Also, I am telling you all about these other things that I'll be doing as a preview, because I don't know how much of it I'll actually get to blog about until I get home.

But for tonight the plan is to finish my lesson plans for tomorrow, make address cards to give everyone, get my letters into envelopes, and throw in a load of wash. It doesn't seem like too much, but considering I probably won't get my lazy butt off this computer until 10, it is alot to fit into a few hours.

I should get moving. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Could my back porch view be the Astronomy Picture of the Day please??


Napoleon said…
Things to do in D.C. that aren't usually in the tourist guides.

One: The Smithsonian's African American Art Museum, it's much smaller, but it's quaint nature makes it a really good afternoon. (I also suggest the Smithsonian's Arboretum, which is right next to the Capitol, great place to eat take your lunch when on the Hill)

Two: Cosi's (it's a chain I know) but they have this really cool desert where you make smores at your table.

Three: Hiking in the big city. Along the edge of the National Zoo (where there are still trees in D.C.) there is a five mile trail that you can hike and sometimes even forget your in the middle of this big city.

Four: Capitol Building around midnight (with a large group for safety). But this is when they turn the lights off, because the Capitol looks beautiful with all the lights on and the fountain going, and then all of a sudden it all stops.