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As it turns out...

I will not be a Latin teacher.

I have the tendency to be funny at inopportune and usually inappropriate moments.

I am, nonetheless, funny.

All the students in the school opening their umbrellas at the same time is considered art.

Red Rover is not a game played in Europe.

They sound pretty funny trying to pronounce the command to "send 'someone' over."

Someone in Mexico has recently read this blog.

So has someone in Ireland.

Nancy Drew does not have the same international acclaim as Harry Potter.

Neither does Anne of Green Gables.

This computer doesn't allow access to the internet through Explorer, but can through Mozilla.

One of of my students is half-American and knew the answers to most of the US History questions I posed this morning.

A huge portion of the class I was working on National Treasure with thought the whole thing was fiction. They did not figure out that all the clues were actual historical facts.

They thought I was lying about the invisible ink.

I am not allowed to teach my students how to make chocolate-chip cookies in my regular classroom. I am however allowed to teach them how to make them in the room next to the cafeteria and then bring them to the oven to bake.

The guidance office feared I might poison the students otherwise.

I still might, since nothing has changed except my location in respect to the oven.

I love my life here and am really going to miss it.

I can't wait to come home.

Love always, ~Heather


Marco said…
now how do you come up with random facts like that?

btw. I just found out that somebody in Kenya was reading my blog. How cool is that?