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Lost in Space

No I am not in danger, nor have I met someone named Will Robinson. I am however in a state of abstract conciousness.

So many things seem to be happening so quickly. I feel like I accomplish nothing during the day, but so much gets done all the same. I have tried to keep myself moving for multiple reasons - not the least of which is that for some reason my nose is less stuffed up when I am walking around. There is so much in my head.

So much....
I haven't said to all of the fabulous people I've met here.
Haven't done (ridden the slides at the community pool, played laser tag with the kids, been to the Ardennes Museum in town, taken pictures of the daily things like the Rue des Pietons, etc.)
I still haven't packed or distributed to all of the appropriate places.
Written here in my blog about my life here.

I want so much to share everything with you, because it has just been so moving. Tonight there was a stellar turnout for volleyball, I mean really excellent. And I had to say goodbye to Julia, who told me I was like her big sister and she didn't know what she would do with out me. And of course there were the dozen other people there I had to say goodbye to as well - Carine, Grazoo, and Lahcen from volleyball, the guys from the Thursday night league, Arnaud and Mr. Drumel, Joelle. With all this I find myself in a weird state of disappointed, happy, excited, loved, sad, and lonely. I don't know if there is a solution.

I messed up the cookies I made today with Hélène (although they were all gone in 20 minutes, so I didn't do a horrendous job) and I haven't finished making the presents for everyone else... I don't know what to say. Perhaps the best thing to do sometimes is to say nothing at all. But anyone who knows me knows that really isn't in my personality. As a matter of fact, I think saying nothing is one of the absolute last things I would do. But I find myself doing it now.

As I slowly slip back into English phrases and feeling lost I am reminded of the circle of life. This is an end and there is a new beginning coming soon. To a theater near me. Time to hyper drive (or whatever they did in that Robinson family show). Going to be productive. Love always, ~Heather


Marco said…
I think in all of your posts from now on you should slip in some reference to Matt LeBlanc ;) Horrible, horrible movie that was....