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Being Catholic

Read all of the Ways to Know you are Catholic on Gashwin's Blog. Here are the ones I thought were representative of my life.

You know you're Catholic when...

2. ...guilt is your best friend, and you feel obligated to share it with others.

4. ....if you only crave hamburgers and steaks on Fridays during lent and you crave fish every other day in Lent...just never on Fridays.

6. can only recite the Creed when around large groups of people. [Isn't that strange?]

10. have an overwhelming compulsion to say, "And also with you," when Yoda says, "May the Force be with you." [Travis, we should do this next time we watch the movies]

17. pray a Hail Mary when you hear a fire truck or ambulance siren. [Thanks to good solid, parental training]

18. ...all your children [family members] have saint names instead of names chosen from celebrities.

19. ...You have a rosary hanging from your dash. [Mom]

20. have a holy water fountain at your door and a religious picture and [or] crucifix in every room.

22. …one of your crucifixes has five years worth of dried out palms stuck behind it.

25. …after making the Sign of the Cross at the start of the Rosary, you say "Bless us O Lord and these Thy gifts..." [It's habit!]

26. spend the first five minutes of the day untangling your scapular from your Miraculous Medal. [for Mom]

28. …you know more than 15 recipes for preparing tuna fish. [pasta, with celery, in a quiche, etc.]

29. …you refer to other religions as "Non-Catholic".

30. carry prayer cards in your purse or wallet.

31. ...You know a family whose every daughter has Mary, or every son has John Paul either as the first or middle name. [Lorien]

32. ...your coworkers point out that you have something on your face and as they go to wipe it off for you, you duck and scream, "No, they’re my ashes!!" [And then have to explain to everyone what is it about - if you live in the Bible belt.]

33. know when Advent and Lent begin and what day is Easter.

44. heard older people talking about a "Baltimore Catechism", but you never actually saw one.

47.'ve heard the words "Benediction" and "Vespers" but aren't really sure what they mean. But you can sing the sappy “Kumbaya” and “On Eagle’s Wings” with no problem.

Oh, I am sure other ones will mean more to you than me, but no matter what, I love my faith and all it has taught me. Love always and God bless, ~Heather