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Rameaux and More

Friday night was quite relaxing. I played volleyball with the kids after dinner and then went for a walk by the river (thank you Ben Franklin and President Roosevelt for Daylight Savings Time - extra hours of light!) then I spent my entire evening on the internet. I am sure you can see the fruits of my labor on my other site and in my much enhanced intelligence. (haha)

Saturday I slept late, got up and did a little of nothing (scrapbooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry) and then went to hang out with Alice for a bit. We talked and walked and then I ran home trying very hard to not be late for my last volleyball game with the team. Well, I was usccesful only because my ride was late (thank goodness). Anyway, as usual, we lost. It would have been alot better if I had had fun losing, but that didn't happen either.

Afterwards, the whole team took the coach and I out to dinner (him for coaching, me for my last game in France) and it was alot of fun. We had pizza followed by ice cream and it was an absolute blast. I say this not because we talked about everyone's toddlers all evening (yawn) but because they are all such incredible women (except Lahcen, who is, of course, male). I got home pretty late and watched a movie before bed.

Up and at 'em early for Palm Sunday mass where I was shocked to discover there were no palms. Here they use rameaux, a plant that is green year round as a substitute. Also, we had the whole first part of the mass outside - that was really good too. It was excellent to have the entire community out there on the steps listening to the Gospel. Hurray God!

I bought a baguette and headed home. Saturday I prepared pork chops with olive and cream sauce and Sunday I had French onion soup. Last night I made chocolate chip banana bread - I think I am getting into this cooking thing! Bref, back to the story.

Sunday was relatively uneventful. I was super productive in my room (except the folding of my clothes - still not done. Then I went to Alice's for a bit to help with the baby and such. I also got some addresses and things off of the computer there and showed Hugues my website. We exchanged blog addresses and there should be some new links for you to explore on the side soon. (Gonna be in French though, so grab a dictionary or just enjoy the pictures.)

I came home and did, well, nothing. I made phone calls, read, watched a little something on the computer. Oh, I discovered that after all this time of not borrowing videos because my computer wouldn't read them that the program was the problem and not the computer. I have been watching borrowed films for three days now, trying to catch up. At least I know I can watch my stuff at home now!

Sunday night I was also bummed to discover that my Zaxby's sauce (mailed all the way from the states) had gone bad. I mean, it was still okay, but it had an overly vineagary taste and there are egg yolks in the sauce, so I decided my potential food poisoning case wasn't worth it. I'll just have to wait now. The chicken wasn't as good with ketchup.

Monday was a thrill. Up super early to go to the grocery store. Watched the baby and helped Alice out (baby on the way = fatigue, etc), though mostly I screwed around on the computer. I also learned to knit. How about that?!? I am pretty excited. Unfortunately, I started with size 3.5 needles, and it is killer. The smaller the needle, the more precise and closer the stitches. My problem is that I work for hours and feel like I have achieved nothing because 1.) There are so few inches of finished product and 2.) I am still making mistakes, like missing loops occasionally. I blame this on my inability to go quickly and my newness to the exercise. 1.5x5 inches isn't bad for my first day!

Today not much has happened so far except that I am trying to finish up all the spare worksheets I have by teaching random lessons all week long. It should be fun. Plus, for the classes that have already done all the activities, I created a new one where I teach all about Easter. The history of the Easter Bunny and Egg and also the Bunny Hop. That should be super fun. There are also some interesting statistics about the candy we eat on Easter - I'll post about it.

Anyway, I am off now to add a few new things to the site and then to maybe take care of business at the bank and the telephone company. Woohoo, what a blast. Look for the updates soon. Love always, ~Heather

A few hours later....
The phone company won't let me have them cut off my phone line until right before I leave.

The bank says I have to be there to close my account and I can't talk to the substitute man, I have to talk to M. Taton, so I have an appointment Thursday.

The summer camp is out of the office until next week when I leave for Taizé.

I still have not heard from the OMB or Smithsonian and definitely won't before Easter.

My advisor at American was not in his office.

The room I need to teach musical theater on Friday is reserved by a group that isn't sure they are are going to need it. Hence, I have to find a projector to throw the film up on the wall in the gym and teach in there.

My entire class for this afternoon was cancelled so they could go see the school psychologist. As a group.

Yeah, things are really going my way right now. Tonight I have: end of the year teacher/assistant meeting/reception thing; badminton (last practice); and then dinner with Sebastian, where we will hopefully figure out a travel plan for the second week of my vacation so I can finally tell you all what I'll be doing. Odds are against things working out today. Then again, I am not a statistician.


Mom & Dad said…
Terrific story. I love how you keep us posted on your activities both pro & con.

We're very proud of you. We actually thought you might have a negative reation to the culture there but you've assimilated nicely. We're very excited that you'll be home soon.

Love Dad