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Weekend Update + Religion

Hello loyal readers (or first timers, whomever)!
Here is the rundown:

Friday, I did laundry at Alice's after teaching all day. Watched Martin for a little while - and he is finally walking! It is so cute! Then, because I couldn't find anyone to go to the storytelling thing with me, I stayed in and watched movies and Will and Grace. I also read some Kate Chopin. Pretty cool stuff. I also managed to blow the fus in my room because I was cooking chicken in the oven and rice in the microwave at the same time. Oops. But, in the end, the well-mushroomed chicken marsala and rice tasted delicious.

Saturday, I got up and went to Hélène's to take care of her son Etienne for a little while. I had lunch with her family afterwards as payment. I love getting paid in good food! Then I went to a bookstore and got a whole book of Sudoko math puzzles. (More on this later.) I went to the grocery store and bought apples to make pie, a yam, and some canned green beans = 3.37€. Go me-thrifty. I did puzzles and then attempted to make the pie. I realized too late I didn't have a premade top, just a bottom. So I attempted to make the top myself.

*Since Grandmother taught me to make pie topping when I was 16 I have called and gotten the recipe like 5 times. I still do not have it memorized.*

I mixed a cup of sugar, a cup of flour and an egg. As it turns out, that isn't right - but it didn't taste all that bad.

As soon as the pie was done I had to bolt (managing one other puzzle during the baking) because we had a volleyball game. For those of you who have been following, it should come as no surprise that we lost again. I - I have no words for this. Afterwards, people ate my pie (and other desserts), with a teammate bringing the remnants home (so I know it wasn't terrible). I went home and had a tangerine (which with the chips and salsa before the game = dinner) and did more of those addicting puzzles and watched some West Wing. I also finished all the dishes and took the laundry off the line AND put it away. (Mom can tell you the AWAY is the achievement there.)

This morning, Sunday, I got up and went to church. Afterwards, I bought a baguette and then headed home. Puzzles, reading, lunching, internet usage, IMing friends pretty much took up the afternoon. That and mopping.

Typically, it is not my responsibility to mop the hallways outside - just my room and the bathroom. However, on Friday, the man at the end of the hall was fixing toilets in the girls dormitory when one exploded. He came home and very nicely, wiped his "blank-blank" shoes on the doormat I put in the hallway. Today, I could no longer stand the stench of the toilet water, etc he had dripped in the hall and on the rug. I knocked on his door and asked him if I could please wash the rug and the mop cloth - then proceeded to bleach mop my room, the bathroom, the hall, and a fabulous puddle of who-knows-what that was on the landing. It smells significantly nicer now. The best part is, he didn't know why the hallway smelled. He was maybe too drunk to remember?? He is the one who told me the story Friday night when he showed me the fuse box. Anyway, the best part. As I am throwing the nastiness in the washer, he asked if I knew that someone else usually should mop the hall. In my politest manner, I tried to explain that the stench (See: Labyrinth the bog of the eternal stench) was just not something I could live with. And then he laughed at me. I promptly left.

So, that is my day in a nutshell. Now, I am going to add the following excerpt from my IM conversations today for your consideration. Feel free to stop reading here if religion isn't of interest to you.

While talking to Peter about...
The disciples
CurlyTop83: I wonder if they knew when the decided to follow Jesus that their whole lives were going to change, and probably end really early?
Magic PeteTree: i don't know
Magic PeteTree: but i bet you it beats catching fish for a life


CurlyTop83: Peter, why are you a christian?
Magic PeteTree: To find truth in this world, being a christian to me is not simply the name or the title... one has to search for meaning in life, as in Why are we here... what does it mean to truly be living... and deep down to discover one's soul... The part of a person that has no physical shape, that does not exist in time or space that just is. It is a journey and it gives me purpose. As for christian as opposed to any other religion, if you look at jeudism and Islam, both are very admirable in a search for meaning, but what is intriguing, is the concept that God would become man and so let himself be scorned as to die on a cross. I think that is why Peter denied Christ. he just simply couldn't believe that God would be so humble and allow Himself to be crucified... not necessarily because it would mean his own death. Christianity has that missing element which is so intriguing and makes it so hard to believe that one simply just has to
CurlyTop83: I am copying that and putting it in my blog, with your permission, of course
Magic PeteTree: sure
CurlyTop83: I think that was so articulately beautiful


Magic PeteTree: i think there is valid scientific proof that evolution has happened, and i don't think it disagrees with any argument that God has created man. We know that God has created man... who are we to say that we know how He did it? However... evolution could never create a human soul... which is what differentiates us from animals...


CurlyTop83: I think 7 days of creation is cool, but that solar days didn't exist then, so unless the authors of the bible were Nostradamus, we need to let the idea go a little
Magic PeteTree: and esp since time is simply an argument of change, i mean God does not exist in time. He Is

My blog

Magic PeteTree: what is your blog link again?
CurlyTop83: sorry in advance, because I ramble

I think he is exceptionally profound for a college student. Thanks Peter for the good conversation, and thanks to the rest of you for sticking with me through the rambling.
Hugs all around, love always, ~Heather