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Acciale Formation = "Business Lunch"

This morning I hit snooze approximately 4 times before forcing myself to leave the warm comfort of my bed. After a shower, apple sauce, and a quick glance at my email, I was off. I had a meeting on the other side of Charleville at 11. I left for the 20 minute walk 40 minutes early and still arriced 10 minutes late. This was in partly due to flurries and dog poop dodging on the sidewalk, but primarily due to my inability to read the directions I had written to myself. On a road where the building numbers increased one at a time, I misread 119 as 189. 70 buildings, a highway ramp crossing, and 1/2 mile later, I finally reached my destination.

My meeting this morning was with a company that wants me to do some temp work for them. Another American assitant here had given them my contact information. I get paid 15€ a meeting (6 scheduled meetings so far) to eat lunch with an aspiring business person who needs to learn English. The 6 week session I have ahead of me is with someone who will speak close to 20 words in the language before the meals - but will also be simultaneously taking classes. There are other possible clients with whom I will be able to just speak to them and assist them with proper business lunch meeting etiquette, but for now, I just have to give this client an opportunity to speak with a native speaker. Plus, it is a meal a week in a restaurant which is absolutely free to me. I don't really see how I can lose here.

I accepted the position relatively quickly, and I start next Monday. I figure that this is pretty much a good way to have some extra money for vacation and to save up to pay my creditors back in May (which is the only time they will take the money from me). And speaking of saving up.... I am applying for a really good fellowship next year and won't have much time to write to you in the next few days. I hope you don't miss me too much. I am heading upstairs to start working now actually, so keep in touch. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Good luck with the start of spring semester to all my friends in acadamia back home. ~HB