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Puppet Show

Last night I went to the International Puppet Institute and saw a student puppet show. They all used hand puppets to do two "person" scenes. It was marvelous. I have never really been impressed by puppetry, but these kids were awesome. Kids meaning first year university age students. One of the little skits was in English. Performed without accent and using slang - I was thoroughly impressed. Not just by the language, but by the intricacies of the movement the puppeteer managed. I paid her these compliments afterwards, and found out she was from Bulgaria! I think it is wonderful. Many of them had the same themes, but I have never seen anything so detailed and specific before. They were very precise and extremely articulate for being behind a curtain. So, all in all, I was impressed. I went with Gladys (German stagière) and Sonia (the Spanish prof I play volleyball with). It is really too bad i couln't take pictures of any of it. But, take my word for it, I think if you are ever in Charleville, stopping in to see a show would definitely be worth your while!
Talk to you soon, Love, ~Heather