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I read this from a link I got off Paula's blog. It is a particularly poignant at the moment as my father is at the doctor's having tests done, my sister had the worst day yesterday, my mom has an MRI this afternoon, and my brother told me he was too busy to tell me all the things that were making him feel rotten. I want to be able to support them and take care of them so much. I really want to be there. I hope they realize, like I do, that nothing can ever really take me away from them.

**Special Note: Thank you Mom and Dad for bringing me home for Christmas, it would have been really difficult without you!**

Like the author said, I thank you - all of you. My friends, my family, anyone who has cared enough to read this. I don't imagine my absense is a burden on many (or any) of you, but know that I feel the little spaces in my heart that are only filled in your presence. I will try to make the best of this opportunity so that we can all share in the rewards when we are together again!

Time for dinner on this end. Gotta run. Hugs and kisses, ~Heather