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Walks, Nutella, & Apt.Hunting

So, I have spent this weekend doing all sorts of randomness. I deservedly slept in Saturday. Then I went for a walk stopping at all 5-6 car rental agencies to find one for when Caroline is here. Then, I finished up my communications Personal Statement and sent it to Dad (thanks Dad for the corrections). While I was waiting for him to send it back, I did some work looking up places for Caroline and I to visit while she is here. I am excited to really have a travel buddy! Also, I should note that Caroline turned 22 yesterday, so congratulations to her!

Saturday afternoon I didn't actually make the walk I was going to take (the sun went down, and my friend had a cold and didn't want to walk because it gets too cold). Instead I cleaned my room and tested the electricity in the bathroom. That sounds strange, I am sure, but it is an old system, and needs to be checked once a month. Then I swept my room, took a shower and started getting ready to go out. I had an actual date - yeah me. We had some pizza and then wathced a movie at my place afterwards. He left before midnight and I got to hit the sack early so I would be refreshed for church this morning.

Unbenounced to me, there was First Communion this morning. You wouldn't really know it by the number of children wearing jeans and outdoor coats - but about 30 of them received a major sacrament today. It was quite sweet. Afterwards, I hung out with some of the Young Professionals group and then headed home. One tuna and noodles lunch later, I watched Rudy and then headed to Alice's.

Because Martin was asleep, we watched a downloaded old, balck and white episode of the Little Rascals. Seriously, why is comedy like that not made anymore? As soon as the babe was awake, we headed out for a walk in the park. It was absolutely gorgeous today. This was only made better by fabulous conversation with the person who is quickly becoming a really good friend. It astounds me that Alice and I are so different (age, place in life, personality, etc.) and yet so completely compatible.

I hung out with them for awhile longer and then headed home. I was about to fix dinner and Lahcen came by (guy from last night). We took a short trip around town and then he watched me cook dinner and tried to explain french computer vocabulary to me. This didn't go so well actually, because it turns out they don't really discern between hardware and software here. They have a word for software, but not for hardware - and you know computer savvy me was able to explain EXACTLY the difference to him - in french. (Dripping sarcasm.) He took off and I had a hamburger patty with cheese followed by chips and salsa and then an apple with Nutella. I should note that nutella is actually way better on starchy objects and is in no way a substitute for peanut butter (though I try).

Now, I am writing in here while simultaneously chatting away with my mother. I fully intend to look up some more information on the trip I will be taking with Caroline soon so I can read it upstairs in a bit. And, besides that, I have no real plans for the evening. As I have tomorrow off (I have all Mondays off from teaching - though I do have my business lunches), I might try to catch up on my reading, start filling out my FAFSA forms (yes collegians, it is that time again), and applying for one month internships. Also - total bummer - and old friend from high school isn't actually going to be in DC next year, so we can't live together. This means I also need to begin scouring the city for an apartment. I have only a few demands, but one of them is for sure going to make the price rise - I want to live within walking distance of a Metro station, so i don't have to drive my car in the city. That, and finding a place where I can park my car in the city is going to be stellar. Those things, plus air conditioning, an actual kitchen, laundry facilities in walking distance, and rent that isn't going to force me to take on more than one part-time job ... yeah, I am going to start looking now.

Alright, this is quite long enough. Hope the rest of you had good weekends too and I'll talk to you soon. Love always, ~Heather