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Sudden Realization

I feel like a complete and utter imp.

I was so excited because I had managed (with alot of help from my family) to send out the application packet to the Smithsonian. It was great, and I felt such relief in being able to cross it off my to-do list. I sent out the stuff hoping for letters of reference. And then I did the coolest thing... I sent the proposal to the guy at the museum who said he wanted to hear more about my ideas.

I got an email from him. He wanted to read it before I sent it in, not after I had finished it. He didn't necessarily want to discuss my ideas with me, just give me feedback as to how to propose the subject better, or something. So what I got back was an email saying it was impossible to help me at this point and that I better make sure I get it in the mail.

Just one more event to add to my list of things that have made me feel INCREDIBLY stupid.

The good news is, next time I have to apply for something, I know what it means when they say, "Consult with your potential advisor beforehand." For those of you who don't know, it means not to contact them and ask their opinion on your choice of subject and methods, but to do that and then follow up shortly thereafter with your finished project so they can help you change it and you can finish it again. I pray that someone who is reading this will learn from my idiocy.

Have a good Sunday. ~Heather

PS - I should note that Thompson-Peterson's Word of the Day was euphoric. I don't even know how to describe what kind of contradiction that is. ~HB