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Being Productive

I spent today online (when I wasn't teaching) either preparing lessons, checking email, looking for a summer internship, or attempting to connect my laptop to the school system (it is almost grade time again, and I want to have a chance at getting on the internet).

In just a minute, I am going upstairs to try and make peanut butter cookies from scratch with the remains (basically everything but the first sandwich's worth) of the peanut butter I bought earlier this year. I figure, if I am not going to throw it away or eat it, I might as well use it to make something I like. I am going to try to make brownies tomorrow. If there is anyone who happens to know how much a "square" of unsweetened chocolate is, I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows what shortening is, and what I can possibly use as a substitute.

Tonight I have badminton and the youth group. When I get back, I am going to be preparing for my morning lessons and cleaning up the inevitable cooking mess in my room. Tomorrow should be a relatively full day too. I am trying to stay busy and productive. I just cannot bear the thought of getting too used to all this free time. At Grandmother's suggestion, I might even take up knitting (this would also bolster my scarf collection at a minimal cost). OKay, so I'm seriously off. But I hope you are being productive too. Take time to relax, but never let your mind go idle. Your brain should not be like your Instant Messenger after 20 minutes. Gotta run!
Love always, ~Heather