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Beginning of 2006

Hello again from France. It has been quite awhile since I have been able to write to you from here. I got back to Charleville quite nicely (minus a 10€ charge for not having enough time to post my train ticket after a 13€ cab drive because the bus was late). I slept on the flight and on the bus and then again on the train. I ate dinner with Alice and Hugues, got home and went to bed at 11:30 last night. I guess I just needed to catch up on sleep. I will be taking a nap in a few short moments as well.

Classes started bright and early again this morning. Too bad I hadn't prepared my lessons in advance. I am really going to have to work on that. *Resolution 2: Prepare lessons in advance of all my lessons by at least 24 hours.

I am actually only writing to you quickly to wish you all a happy beginning to your 2006 work year. I saw an ad in Dublin airport that read, "There are about 1,950 work hours in the coming year. Hope you like your job." I thought that was pretty poignant. Also, it is a good thing I like my job. And, speaking of which, I am going to search for some things and then catch that nap before lunch. Happy New Year. ~Heather

P.S. Resolution 1 is to become effectively fluent. I guess I was just kind of leaving taking that one for granted. ~HB


Marco said…
Thank you very much for visiting. I had a great time. As for your first resolution? You will get there, no worries!
discipleassisi said…
1,950 hours in dublin maybe... i calculated the american version of a work-year. a low estimate at 60 hrs/week, 50 weeks a year = 3000 hours... now, this is assuming you don't work for the state :)
Marco said…
Then check out these vacation times:
Heather said…
Average Number of Vacation Days Around the World Per Year
Italy 42 days
France 37 days
Germany 35 days
Brazil 34 days
United Kingdom 28 days
Canada 26 days
Korea 25 days
Japan 25 days
U.S. 13 days

Source: World Tourism Organization (WTO).

For those of you who aren't able to easily link, this is what Marco's website link said.