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France Telecom

Please let me express my complete distaste for France Telecom, the monopolistic piece of crap company responsible for all of the land lines in France. The phone I bought from them broke. There it was, on the wall, and then it stopped dialing out. So, I decided this would be a good time to return the phone. In the meantime, I used another phone.

*The assistants from last year left us a phone, but the man who had it forgot to give it to us until after we had already bought our own. (Same as the toilet water man) We have been using the one we should have been using all along.*

I got there just as they were opening for the afternoon. I explained to the woman that the phone didn't work and I asked if it was possible to exchange it or get a reimbursement. She wanted to test the phone first and make sure it didn't work. Which it didn't. Then, in her infinite wisdom she went in search of another phone. I had asked for a reimbursement. I should note that word reimbursement is the same in french, so I really wasn't screwing it up.

When she got back I explained I didn't want a new phone right now - I just wanted my reimbursement. She took the original purchase receipt, said she understood, and went in the back to make a photocopy. Excellent! I'm on my way to my 19.90€ back for the freaking broken phone. Right up until the woman put the phone she had found in the back (not even the same color I should note) and handed it to me. I said I didn't want a phone, but the money the phone was worth - and perhaps I would come back later with my roommate to buy a different phone.

She handed me the bag and said, "Bonne Journée." Before turning to the next customer. I should clear up the fact that I was feeling a little misunderstood at this point. But more than that, I was pretty angry. It is never a good idea to have me talk to someone upset, so I left. With the new phone. I was angry because I know I had asked the right questions. I knew I was using the right words. My french is much improved, and they shouldn't be able to push me around because they are imbeciles and I have an accent. I am going back. But not right now, because I don't want to kill anyone.

Love to all of you, (I'll keep you updated) ~Heather