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Things to Do

Today I need to:

Tell you about this weekend
Stop procrastinating
Send off an email to the Smithsonian
Get American, Georgetown, and Regent to send application packets to the house
Teach at 4
Find something to do for tonight
Make a fork costume (I will explain later)
Get a ride to the store tomorrow so I can buy supplies to bake cookies
Get the recipes from Mom on how to make the cookies from scratch
Prepare more lessons
Reply to two emails
Stop thinking about nonsense
Get a train schedule for this weekend
Add "where" to the poster I hung in the hall
Hang the World AIDS Day flyers in the English hallway
Upload pictures on to the internet
Get Travis' Christmas present

For someone who is looking for something to do tonight, I think I could probably occupy myself with finishing my own to do list! A little busy. Hugs and kisses, ~Heather