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I have all sorts of ideas of things to do and places to go and other exciting experiences I want to have. I have finally made plans to do some of them and my own adventureousness (sp?) frightens me. This weekend I am going to Strasbourg in the extreme northeast of France. They have a fabulous Christmas market. The one we have in town has an ice skating rink and outdoor tables and food and all sorts of marvelous things, but this is supposed to be the best one in France. Going to Germany would be the BEST option, but my lack of language skills in that country frightens me.

For the New Year I am going to go to Dublin, which adds a country to my very slack list of places visited. And, over the course of this afternoon I am going to try to start planning my February vacation and hopefulyl have an opportunity to visit Malise.

I found out yesterday that you can buy an around the world airline ticket ... I am so excited but terribly scared at the same time. For now, I am going to face a different fear - lunch in the cafeteria. I have things to do and volleyball tonight, so I will update you again tomorrow (or this afternoon if it rains. Love you, ~Heather


I look forward to reading your account of Dublin for New Year's. I am planning/dreaming of a vacation that starts in Dublin, mid-point in Rome, and ends in Amsterdam, and hits most major points in between. Should make it next summer, but we'll see. Anyway, found your blog and I'm interested in your experience, so I'll check back some other day.
Thanks for writing.