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Dear Mom and Dad,
Orbitz did not contact me today. I would have sent you an email about it, but the teachers still have not finished putting their freaking grades in the computers, and I can't get on the one that allows me to send email. I was able to send some email this afternoon, but I wanted to wait until tonight to see if Orbitz contacted me. Because I can't check, I'll assume they didn't. Love, ~Heather

For everyone else: Orbitz is a super sucky company and you really shouldn't use their services. In their infinite wisdom, they have extended my trip to almost a day's worth of travelling, which is, I believe, highly unaceptable considering I bought the tickets in September and it was only going to be about 12 hours then. Luckily though, I have an uber-cool Dad who is going to give that company "a good talking to." Gotta love the dad-meister.

Today was a really practically accomplished day. I got up at a reasonable hour and had time to read a little during breakfast. I set up my appointments for the day and scanned the news headlines before teaching my first class. We worked on Harry Potter. The first student to give his presentation misunderstood my directions, and explained his person without telling the class who he was describing, leaving us the opportunity to make it like a guessing game. I like this method much better, and I think we will do that in my other classes this week as well.

After class I ran upstairs, changed stuff out of my bag, and then headed to lunch. I proceeded to make Anna upset with me - she even rolled her eyes as she later walked past me - because I didn't sit with her at lunch. I know we went there together, but another friend had specifically saved me a seat, and Anna has missed a ton of meals lately so she didn't save two. I chose speaking with the other french people instead of her, so she's disgruntled. We'll just forget that she and the other assistants scheduled the ice-skating outing for this afternoon while I was going to be in class, so I couldn't go. Oh, and that she .... forget it. I am not going to complain, because it isn't worth any of our time. Childishness never is.

After lunch I had a ton of uninterrupted computer time, which was really good. I decided to prepare a secondary lesson specifically for the boys in my afternoon class, because they care about very little outside of sports. I used Wikipedia (especially for you Marco) because it had decent descriptions of how to play the sports along with diagrams of the different fields/courts/playing areas for each sport. So, I made a worksheet about 7 different sports (soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, and volleyball) and they pulled a sport out of a hat (figuratively) and then got that worksheet. They had fifteen minutes to prepare a five minute presentation on their sport. I wrote some questions on the board to get them going, and I was overwhelmed with the result. Specifically tailoring the lessons for each class is difficult and time consuming work considering I have 18 different classes. Ah - fire alarm. I'm out for a bit. Hugs, ~Heather

Five minutes later
So the students left the buildings, but the teachers stayed in the lounge or took ages to get out of the building. Who knows what they were thinking about. Well, it is dinner time now. I have high hopes that they will leave the internet on so I can use it after dinner. I guess only time will tell on that little venture. Here's hoping, ~Heather