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Peanuts and Rasperry Lemonade

17:21 December 1, 2005

Peanuts and Raspberry-Lemonade. Absolutely loving it. In some ways, being forced to type the blog in my room has its distinct advantages; like eating and listening to music while typing. Also, by the way, hurray for Christmas music. Okay, so about today.

Today I slept in because I was exhausted from yesterday. After I was done writing I went and made Christmas cards and cookies for our youth group sale on Saturday. That took close to three hours. I came home and ate dinner then took off for volleyball. I was unable to post yesterday evening, because the Internet had magnificently shut itself off again. (The tech guy was absent again today – that makes 4 days this week, I wonder if he is taking the entire week off. I mean, I hope the guy isn’t sick or anything, but for all three computer guys to be inaccessible during the same week seems seriously unreasonable. Anyway. Practice was good and the mean coach wasn’t there. However, I really don’t like playing with the guys. They ignore rules like not CATCHING the ball before hitting it and they constantly run through and under the net, which is precarious for my poor ankles!! Good thing I love it!!! (Smiling!!)
When I got home last night I was a little bummed out (coming off a sporty high I guess) and Anna was on the phone so I couldn’t talk to her or anyone else (freaking internet). So, I put on The Last Castle to remind myself that life could certainly be worse. That took me until bedtime.
This morning the dog down the hall didn’t wake me up (terrific improvement), so it was practically lunch time after I had taken a shower, cleaned up my room and photocopied my lessons for the day. Lunch significantly resembled Chef Boyardee, but the lasagna half was good (you know I love lasagna). Anyway, I went to a conference on AIDS being run by the school nurse. That was really useless, because the idiot dispensing information to the kids basically told them that if they used protection they couldn’t really contract the disease. Right. If you ignore 2% chance from using contraceptives and don’t even discuss getting it from sharing needles or other blood contaminating activities. I hate when people don’t share all the possible information. It makes me want to become a teacher just to make sure it doesn’t keep happening! (Don’t get your hopes up though – I still lack the patience.)

After that though I had three hours of teaching. That went pretty well. I love my Thursday classes; because they are the smartest I have all week basically. Fun fun. Also, they stay interested all period, which I prefer. All in all, except me almost telling off a fellow teacher for throwing Anna and me off of the computers (less than five minutes into using them), it was a pretty good day.

**Note for Mom: I heard your voice in my head saying, "Choose your battles, Heather. Choose your battles," when I was sitting there trying to formulate how to politely explain to that idiot woman that we deserved five minutes on the computers a day too. I decided I couldn’t say it politely, so I just left the room.**

Tonight I am going to a prayer group for AIDS at a church across town (Grandmother and Aunt Ro – the one with the circular stained glass windows that was all locked up when we tried to go see it this summer.) I was supposed to go to a meeting about Women in the Workplace, but I don’t think I can handle talk about that for an entire evening. Plus praying is better.
Mom just called to tell me that my great-great-aunt Yolanda died. If you can, please say a prayer for her and my family. It is going to be a difficult weekend dealing with the loss. But, because Mom and I talked for so long, it is now almost time for dinner. Which, I think is actually good for you because it abbreviates my entry for the day. I love all of you. And Aunt Yolanda, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying your scotch on the rocks and a banana-split. God bless and God speed, ~Heather