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Peanuts (the cartoon this time)

You are Rerun!

Which Peanuts Character are You?

I do not remember who this character is. But it makes me kind of wonder about how people get the accuracy right on these quizzes they make up. It is like horoscopes I guess, where it is only true because it is so general it could fit anyone. However, it truly makes me wonder. Do I have charm? And if so do I use it to mask my cleverness? And by the way, I think only strangers look over my talents. Everyone else is so nice. Yeah you. Wait, that makes this thing only 50% accurate. I am detracting from my own point. End of digression.

Also, last night while doing Harry Potter research on JK Rowlings website - actually was doing stuff for work, though it is probably hard to believe - I found another interesting thing. The wands for Harry, Hermione, and Ron are all made of the wood that according to the Celtic tree calendar is from the month they were born in. So I used this Celtic tree calendar and my wood should be a willow. Let me tell you have freakishly coincidental I thought that was considering that I have loved willow trees since I first read/saw My Girl as a child. I guess it is only a coincidence, but is it possible that after years of research there is just truth in some of these weird forecasting things like the Chinese animals and the astrological signs? Do we assign meaning to them based on facts or based on our need to identify with something? Are we the ones assigning the meaning or is it inherently there and part of some greater plan? God's plan? Like the "golden ratio" or something?

I just wanted to bring up these small points in a forum where someone would accidentely read them. Having the internet again has allowed me plenty of time to look up random things and search strangeness (and practical things like graduate schools and scholarships) to my heart's content. You always appreciate things more after you have been forced to live without them. Also, I promise to get back to regular blogging (adventures, french things, etc.) soon. As soon as I have anything to report probably. Until then, think of this as an adventure in my mind. I think that if you are scared of traveling, the adventure in my mind is significantly more frightening than real travel, so good luck. Again soon and much love, ~Heather