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"Before the break"

WARNING: The following is a brief political discourse.

I hope they pass the anti-torture legislation before the break. I really think Americans should be held to a higher standard. There are arguments that the information gotten through "testimony" from tortured prisoners could protect the country from a future terrorist attack. Let me clear up right now that nothing is going to prevent another terrorist attack except perhaps the end of the world (which requires the coming of the anti-Christ and Jesus, so chances are there will still be some warring going on anyway). I don't see how we can say we are giving Iraq its freedom from oppression and persecution from its government when we pick up their citizens, remove them from the country, and then torture, oppress, and persecute them. Excellent logic. It might be time to revisit my idea of building an island in the middle of the Pacific and dumping all the criminals on it. Terrorists included. This gets us out of having to use the death penalty and frees us from needing to torture people. They can abuse and murder themselves. All we have to do is have an Armada protect the island from people who want to escape and idiots who try to free them.

And hurray for McCain being in on the deal. Future president?? Is it 2008 yet?


Before I leave for vacation, I have alot to do:
Teach 3 more classes
Go ice skating in an outdoor rink
Buy three more little gifts
Do my laundry - Clean my room - Pack my bag
Go to the basketball game
Eat with a teacher and her family - Go to church
Empty refrigerator - get to Paris
Get to the airport with all appropriate things

I'm going to get started. 3 more sleeps. Love always, ~Heather


the problem with a McCain presidency is that the people doing the leg work for his administration will be the same tainted, corrupt, neo-conservative cabal currently running things. The things McCain would have to do to get the nomination would put him in these people's debt. It would be just as bad as the current administration, but with a much prettier vaneer on the outside. I will be one of the American's joining ex-pats like you (I know, you're there temporarily) in places like France and England and Holland and so on if the GOP manages to win the white house in 2008.

/off my soapbox now, thanks
discipleassisi said…
MCCAIN! yea!