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"One short day"

(Sing title to the appropriate tune in the Wicked soundtrack.)

Today I started teaching about AIDS again, and I finished teaching about Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter. I don't think I can really begin to describe it. One thing you might be interested to learn is that Voldemort is a play on words that translates to "Fly from death" in french. I don't think it made alot of sense from the beginning of the series, but considering the Horcruxes revealed in the 6th book, well, you know. Anyway, I can't wait to come home and watch it with you Dad.

Last night at the prayer meeting I really enjoyed myself. I still do not know the story of Ester, which really bugs me, because I keep getting the beginning and missing the end (last night I just didn't understand the end, which I suppose is slightly different). But, there were about thirty people there praying for everyone's intentions, including for Aunt Yolanda. I bet she never thought that people all around the world would be praying for her. I hope she is smiling about it now.

Tonight I am playing in a charity fundraiser volleyball tournament. Talk about combining things I really like together! The only way they could make it better would be to play musical soundtracks in the background and decorate the walls with characters from my favorite books and movies!!! Okay, that is actually alot they would have to do, but that is still beyond th point. I am glad to get to do something I love for the good of sick children. I think that is really important.

After volleyball, I am going to fix dinner (should I go grocery shopping??) and then start working on my proposal for the Smithsonian job next year. Almost no one here has even heard of the Smithsonian, which is weird considering a good number of Americans have heard of the Louvre (and even more will have heard of it after they turn the Da Vinci Code into a movie). Actually, most of them have a very vague idea of where to find Washington, DC. I guess it is the same with alot of Americans though - they probably couldn't tell you where France was exactly, better yet Paris. Oh well.

For the moment, I am thrilled to have access to the internet and really am trying to take full advantage of it. So, if you please, I am going to sign off from you in order to get some work done. Love always, ~Heather