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La reste

I had an amazing day yesterday. I walked straight through a protest to get to the Prefecture and got my Carte/Titre de sejour (this allows me to stay and work in the country after my visa expires tomorrow). I walked home stopping at the grocery store to buy the supplies to bake cookies with one of my classes. I had to go to the pharmacy to get the baking soda! We baked and had alot of fun in my classes. This week we are talking about Christmas, and I decided it was about time I actually taught these kids something useful.

We did an exercise on similies. "The Christmas tree was like ...", "The present was as ... as ...", etc. Then we sang Rudolph. But, they had to put in their own words for the echoes (go similies!). Then I taught them the real words (and as many variations as I could remember). I spent the evening chatting away with Alice after finishing up my second to last bit of Christmas shopping. I sent two emails in french, got a response from the Smithsonian ... it was incredible.

In regards to that to-do list:
I told you about this weekend, stopped procrastinating, taught alot, found something to do every night but tonight (really want to go ice skating), made cookies with my students, got a train schedule, and suitably finished most of the other tasks on my list. It is just the rest of it I haven't done yet.

It is hard to be patient knowing I have nothing mandatory to do between now and my departure. Lots of people have invited me "around" this weekend though - I think they knew it would be an antsy time waiting.

For my friends in Columbia and the surrounding areas, I hope all is well after the ice storm. Stay safe and warm if possible.

This is a randomly done blog. I guess my fatigue is loosening my slack writing style. I'm off. Love, ~Heather