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Snow Day

Above: The birds' nest in the front yard seemed a likely place for snow to stick.

It snowed a bunch last night (well, a bunch for here). Therefore, luckily, the 2 hour delay for the federal government made my half sick/half work-from-home day less of an issue. My head cold from Friday hasn't really gone away, but I am feeling quite a bit better after resting today.

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I played volleyball on Saturday, which was good because it helped push my cold away and bad because my muscles were tired (though miraculously not sore). We played a really cool rotation that allowed me to play right side in the front row and middle and left in the back row. Quite fun.

Afterwards, we had dinner (homemade lasagna) at Erin's boyfriend's Matty's house (where we had met to carpool). After a round or so of Apples to Apples (love that game), I went home. My date arrived just when I did (I haven't asked name permission yet, so forgive the generalness) and we read Harry Potter for awhile (as he's never read or seen them) and then watched Return to Me and ate the leftover cheesecake.

Church choir on Sunday was rough, as my throat was pretty sore. I vegged out afterwards, before my date from Saturday and I went to see Doubt at Lorien's theater. We went to dinner at her place afterwards for delicious steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Super yummy and a great end to the weekend.

Below are some more pictures from today's snow.

The patio had the only spots in the yard not covered in snow.

I love how there are indents where the paving stones are for walking. Also, the piles of snow on top of the buckets shows that we got a good three inches at least.

Hope you all had a good day too!

Love always, ~Heather