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Of Yard Work and Bagpipes

(To the tune of "Mysterious Fathoms Below" from the Little Mermaid)

Oh this is a tale
Of a glory-filled girl
Who spent this nice day at home.

Out in the yard
With a spade and a saw
She cleared up those weeds with a hoe.

(Instrumental: "Heave-ho")

While this was occurring
Her roommie was stirring
The makings of wheat bread, oh dough!

Bagpipes were playing
On King Street parading
For St. Patty's, early, I know!

Fantastical daytime, it's so!

I just felt moved to write a little tuneage to describe today. If I'm really going to reflect on my self for this Lenten promise, I might as well relay it in the way I seem to think.

Yes, I often make up little ditties in my head.

Yes, I occasionally sing them aloud.

I agree, you wouldn't want to be in my head. :)

Love always,