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3 Cubic Feet

The three cubic feet of clean laundry at the foot of my bed is put away. I changed my sheets so they are no longer germy with sickness. My stuff isn't strewn about the dining room table anymore and all of the flower stems and random compostables have been thrown in the soil bucket in the backyard. My bills are paid for the month and I have groceries in the fridge.

There's something about accomplishing a number of household chores all at once that makes me want to keep working on stuff.

Love always,


P.S. - Sorry about the delay (as this is yesterday's letter). No matter how important my other life tasks are, I've got to stay on top of this Lenten promise!

P.P.S. - A ma famille francaise, je vous embrasse et vous me manquez. Passe une bonne journee!