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Inaugural Events Photoblog

So, yes, it was a million, trillion years ago (um, January), but I wanted to show you some of the pictures from the South Carolina State Inaugural Ball. Mind you, I still haven't had my disposable camera developed (and then scanned in) but Hillary was kind enough to take some pictures of me after I got back to Lorien's house.

This is me absolutely cracking up because they asked me to take a serious picture. (Not possible.)

Unfortunately, none of the other (moderately serious) pictures of me came out too well (note: take them BEFORE the event next time). However, this one was worth showing you:

This shot was taken for posterity, but posted for Marco - since he spent the whole time we were shoe shopping trying to convince me to wear sneakers with the dress. I didn't wear them to the ball, but as soon as I met Hillary at the Metro, I changed for the walk. Much more comfortable than the strappy sandals.

The next morning, we headed out to the Mall for an amazing historical event.

We got incredibly lucky the whole morning and had no issues with getting into our special ticketed area (since the crowd broke through the barricades just as we got to them). It was a shockingly good view and surprisingly not cold (might have had to do with being completely surrounded by people).

Lots of love and thanks to Hillary, Lorien, and Rachel, without whom I wouldn't have had such a great inaugural experience. It was definitely a great time to be in DC!

I'll post again when I have more pictures!

Love always,