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Reasons Why My Roommate is Awesome

As part of my self-reflection, I'm taking a moment today to mark the fantastic qualities of my roommate, without whom I would not be as happy.
  1. She's an incredible listener. She knows my quirks and is happy to let me vent basically whenever I need to.
  2. She's an absolute perfectionist. Although this is a characteristic that can be overwhelming, in Rachel it just helps her be more predictable. If she's doing something, you can count on her to do it until it is done right.
  3. She's thoughtful. Not much of a milk drinker, she always checks with me to make sure there is enough if she's at the grocery store.
  4. She's communicative. As a communications person, I appreciate someone who is so willing to make an effort to communicate about everything. Even when we disagree, she's more than willing to explain her whole side of the situation in a rationale way, which helps us from hurting each others' feelings as often as possible.
  5. She gets me.
So to my dearest roommate, thank you for being you. I'm happy to have you to come home to and hang out with in the evenings. Even when we just sit in the same room and do our own things, I feel better when you're around. And I know that even though we sometimes disappoint each other or get on each others nerves (I swear, I really am going to finish cleaning out the fridge and clearing off the dining room table), that at the end of the day, we'll always be friends.

MF, I heart you.

Love always,