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In this post, I am going to "reshape the image of an unpopular idea." This is my classmate Amanda's way of saying, "spin." Many communications professionals are really spin doctors - whipping everything up and pouring it out to make what they want. So here is my "spin" version of this weeks events ...

Today I spent the day working hard. At home, I completed multiple questions in preparation for study groups this afternoon. I proctored an exam and then worked with a classmate on an SPSS project. I then, productively, read over 60 pages of notes in preparation for study group. This was done first on a bench (watching birds fight over a chocolate chip cookie) and then lying on the floor outside the "Hub" on the third floor of MGC (which has become my surrogate home).

The study group met, which resulted in a number of positive revelations and resolutions. All members are looking forward to an exceptional score on Thursday's final. Although the group was in session for four hours, another meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday to cover more periphery topics.

After getting home at 9:30 and eating cake and cookies (yum yum), I proceeded to answer more questions in preparation for tomorrow evening's exam. Tomorrow morning I will complete the rest of my writing assignments before turning in a professional quality media kit.

Tomorrow will consist of this, office hours to ensure I haven't mistakenly utilized AP style, a writing exam, a study group for theory, a theory exam, and then hopefully sleep.

Wednesday I'll be working. Then holding study group in the apartment followed by a partner session to finish the last of my class projects. The last of my exams is Thursday.

Friday I'll be working during the day and then I predict controlled debauchery at the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party at Lindsay's. This event is closed to be sensitive to the needs of all grad students who REALLY deserve to unwind after this week.

I think spin was made for weeks like this one ... the kind that send you spinning. You can't help but think positive and hope for the best. I'm obviously procrastinating and need to get back to work. In less than one week, finals and my first semester will be over. Not sure how I feel about that, except maybe tired. Love always, ~Heather


"reshape the image of an unpopular idea"

I'll have to remember that one.