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One Sweet Day (x3)

It is definitely not a good idea to eat as much chocolate as I have tonight. Chocolate is good. Chocolate is yummy. Everything has its limits.

I've spent the day resting up after a really great night with my SOC pals. I must say, I haven't slept with that many people on a couch since high school!

Other events from the past few days:

I took my last final on Thursday. I wasn't overly excited with the questions the professor chose, but I guess it came out alright in the end. Then Thursday night, completely hopped up on DayQuil, I went out to a Celtic Bar with a few people from the Principles study group. Amanda caught up with us and so we moved on to the Dancing Crab (there were no actual crabs there, nor dancing). Afterwards, Theresa came over and we stayed up talking until after 3am. I love the kids in my program!!!

Friday, I slept in due to severe NyQuil and sleep deprivation. I headed out to school to work with Nisbet. I got like ten phone calls while I was at work. First of all, no one ever calls me. Second of all, I almost never actually GO to work. But, all the calling did convince Nisbet to let me do SPSS work for him - which is about ten times more exciting than what I have been doing.

One of the phone calls was Napolean, who I caught up with downtown to see the freshly re-opened National Gallery of American Art and Portraiture. It is usually caleld the portrait gallery - however there is a decent sized "modern art" section upstairs. No Jackson Pollack, but the freaking "Blue on White" was still there. I really think that is the lamest piece of art ever (though I must say it is slightly more intricate than I remember - meaning it wasn't an exact circle). The coolest thing was definitely a gigantic neon sign shaped like the US, with all of the states outlined. Inside the states were different sized televisions each playing something that had to do with that state. I think we were both a little confused as to why SC was cigarettes (when that should be NC), but oh well.

After that, we walked over to Union Station, which is celebrating Christmas thanks to Norway, which has apparently paid for the decorations. Did you know they have a claim to land in Antarctica but America doesn't? I'm fairly certain my compatriot was convinced they should stop paying for decorations for Union Station and just give us the land down south.

After deciding NOT to eat there, I grabbed a Metro back north so I could get ready for Lindsay's "ugly sweater" extravaganza. Unfortunately, I left all my overtly Christmas sweaters in NC, so I used an outdoor red bow (about a foot in diameter) as my tacky decoration, tying it onto my belt loop.

Best drink of the night: hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. I had never had it before, but it was fantastic! Luckily, there weren't any mugs and I didn't really feel right drinking it out of a plastic cup, so I only had one serving. And although there were plenty of memorable events, I must say I have never won "never have I ever" by that much, or been to a party that was that loud where no one complained. Also, any carbs I took in with the yummy snacks was completely worked off on the "dance floor" (otherwise known as the 3.5x6ft rug in the middle of the family room.

The party was obviously a blast and by the time it had completely died down, I wasn't sure my eyes would stay open for the twenty minute drive back up to NW (though I was more than legal to drive). Hence the couch. Which, by the way, was a sectional that kept sliding apart. It is always an adventure with the SOC crowd. I love it.

Today was spent entirely bumming it. I also need to put restrictions on the number of girly/romantic movies I am allowed to watch in a day. They were on mostly in the background while I was working on Christmas presents, but still, my couch got way too much use. Oh, I also think I have perfected my barbecue salmon recipe for those who want to have a yummy and healthy meal sometime.

Seriously sleep time now. Choir, present making, cookie baking, apartment cleaning, grocery shopping, and hopefully some quality time out in the fabulous fresh air tomorrow. The third Sunday of Advent is upon us. Trice the hope and anticipation. This holiday season is shaping up to be one of the best yet, thanks to all my family and friends. I wouldn't be this happy without you. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - I'll post pictures when I get them. Hugs, ~HB