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Rosy Sunday

Today is the third Sunday of Advent. It is a fabulous day - one week from Christmas Eve and quality time with my family. I spent most of the day indoors again (mild bummer). But, my cold is basically gone and there are three types of cookies in my kitchen.

The biggest challenge of the day was thumbprint jelly cookies. The first obstacle was not having the right extract, which was solved with a simple substitution (and a call to Mom). Then, I didn't have a pastry brush. But, my landlords lent me an unused barbecue basting brush in return for a taste of the cookies. In the end, my cookies came out marvelously (if I do say so myself)! This was my first pass at them, but I think that came out an awful lot like Mom's!!!

I also made oatmeal cookies. Now, I didn't actually buy a container of oatmeal (because I knew I wouldn't use it all). Instead, I dug into the economy size box of individual oatmeal packets my Mom gave me at the beginning of the year and found all the regular flavored ones. I don't really like them anyway, so this was a perfect use for them. Each packet is one third of a cup (in case you want to do this too!). The recipe called for three cups. And I had exactly nine packets. My cookie making was destiny. Sweet fabulous two raisined flavored destiny.

The chocolate chip batch came out okay too. I can't wait to make a good sized set of the jelly kind tomorrow. I don't have much else to talk about at the moment. I think I am going to kick back on the couch, finish It's a Wonderful Life (maybe) and then snuggle down into my bed for the night. This certainly is a day of rest. I wish the best for all of you too. For those who are still in school, good luck on your last bits of work and exams. For those already finished, safe travels. And for all the non-students, a restful and rosy week before Christmas!!! Love always, ~Heather