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SOC Madness & SEC Matchups

This week has been a whirlwind. The Holiday Party for the SOC was last night. What a blast! Well worth the time and energy exerted to make it happen. I haven't heard a single bit of bad dialogue (which is a first). After the actual party almost everyone I know from the program was out at Nolan's in Adams Morgan.

Watching my friends get completely plastered was no more fun than it usually is, but getting to watch them dance and carry on with each other was incredible. I love seeing the "other" side of people. It helps me appreciate the fullness of human beings. It also makes me laugh, because no one, I repeat, NO ONE should lie down on the floor waiting for the Metro. Yuck.

But enough of the debauchery (because if you were there you know what happened and if you weren't you can just imagine an experience you've had with fellow classmates). Today I crashed at home, splitting my time equally between productivity, relaxation, and procrastination. It sounds silly to waste three or four hours doing mindless activities instead of my boatload of homework, but I needed to rest up.

My homework list for the weekend is paper-writing intensive, with a project thrown in for good measure. I've been editing my literature review for the past few hours. I'm supposed to have 20 pages double spaced. I have 16 single spaced at the moment (down by four from earlier today). I think I am going to fudge the double spacing, because it seems silly that after reading three to four 40 page articles a week, my article is only allowed to be the equivalent of ten. My professor can suffer through my writing. I certainly did his.

Tonight's big event though was football. The SEC Championship game was on and absolutely fabulous. I love good college football, and the timing was excellent. Right as halftime started I flipped to the USC/UCLA game and witnessed a miraculous interception that clinched the game for unranked UCLA! This was good news for Florida and Michigan fans everywhere. Then, the Florida/Arkansas game was back on, and Florida seemed to be losing their touch (20 unanswered points!) - but they recovered. Which was good news for Ohio State and Florida fans everywhere.

I am not a voter for the BCS. And, they will probably not do this, because they obviously had their helmets knocked off too many times when they were players, but ... Florida should be playing OSU. Michigan is a good team, and certainly put up a good fight the last time they faced the Buckeyes, but their strength of schedule includes that game and Notre Dame. Period. If Michigan would like to add LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia, or South Carolina to their schedule they might stand a chance. Until then, the national championship won't be a rivalry rematch. If only I were a BCS voter.

I'm not saying that I think Florida will actually WIN the championship game, but they should get to go. It'll be fun to see what happens. The BCS decision show is on tomorrow night ... that'll be on in the background during my advent dinner party ...

For now I must say goodnight. I was up until 4am last night (a combination of being mother-hennish, relying on public transportation, and not wanting my bed to smell like an ash tray) and have at least ten things on the to-do list before Monday. I hope singing at church and the evening advent prayers will make up for me working on the sabbath. Love always, ~Heather