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Picture Update

All the photos you never got to see because I was a lazy bum about uploading over break ...

This is the family dog Shadow. He's in "his room" (i.e. laundry room) guarding both sets of water and food dishes.

Rohan, Lorien's husky, was not particularly fond of others in his kennel.

Dad, opening his anniversary present three months late. (And hiding out behind the tissue paper.)

The look after four hours of hard (and hot, I imagine) labor by my sister. Straight hair is certainly a different look for me!

The seven seafood traditional italian Christmas Eve dinner.

Lorien and the oven glove and elf shirt.

Travis and his trusty text messaging device.

Mom digging into the pasta with lobster sauce (super delicious!).

Our whoppingly "Rockin'" New Year's Eve at the house in NC. We took one sip each of some really terrible champagne and then went to bet. Oh yeah, we're party animals.

In other news ...
We went out to the Rock It Grill in Alexandria on Friday night and had a blast. I don't think there has ever been a karaoke session with 90% of the people who would definitely make it onto American Idol. By the end though, we were all just screaming out the words. Ten points to Dana for acting out all the words to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Saturday I wandered around in Georgetown with Lindsay. It was 73 degrees and beautiful. Wearing shorts in DC in January is definitely noteworthy. We got me my first "real" pair of dress shoes at Aldo. They're quite comfortable, however within about two minutes of their first wearing I got the heel stuck in a side walk crack. I wasn't even two feet out my door. This being a girl thing is pretty tricky.

Saturday night, after Spacecamp with Lindsay and Lorien, I went out again. Back in Georgetown, we hit up Mr. Smith's. It has a piano bar downstairs and a regular bar up. I also had my first memorable Shirley Temple. Sad, yes. Yummy, yes.

We did two gospel style songs with church choir this morning, which was tons of fun. The rest of the day we cleaned up the apartment and vegged. This evening we went grocery shopping and set a new record: $52.85 in savings. To those who say that coupon cutting and sale watching don't make that much of a difference - think again. Dana and I were thrilled. Oh, and we still managed to get it all in the apartment in one trip.

Tonight is more hanging out time. Hope you're having a good one. Love always, ~Heather