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(Not) Seductive

This was a random link from Adrienne, which I definitely found amusing. Something about this seems like me and expectedly not seductive. I am, apparently, not slated for the flirtatious conniving necessary to seduce anyone. I'm not going to lie, it doesn't really upset me that this is my description ... I wasn't really counting on this skill. However, I am interested in how the rest of you fare. Indulge me and take the quiz ... Let me know if it is accurate for you too.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. I don't really think I am basket of kittens cute. I'm fairly certain I am too abrasive for that. However, in terms of seduction scenarios, it may, in fact, be a good comparison (opposition or comments are welcome as usual).


Lorien said…
"The Charlatan

You dirty, dirty liar! If we totally knew what you did we would have no qualms about tattling, but we concede that you are much smarter than we are and we'll never catch you at it again. YOu are an evil genius and a mad magician, a cerebral cupid. A right smart liar who tricks everyone into doing what they want with no regard for societal norms.

We really, really want to get in bed with you. Your brand of devil-may-care seduction is so selfishly deviant that good natured people don't stand a chance. You're a jugernaut of sin. Damn hot!"

~ To prove in more explicitly that you and are not even remotely related, or at least come from the same family. One day you will have to show me how to once again be niave to the ways of the world and i will show you how to own it!! with all the love the Mad Martigan of your world Lorien=-)
Dana said…
I don't know...from all of those times you've tried to seduce me, I definitely can see "basket of kittens." Or perhaps "handbag of squirrels." Either one.

NOTE: This is just a joke. But seriously.
Napoleon said…
Good Quiz, these random things are fun.

I was the Vigilante

"Nobody messes with your posse. And no one gets a shot at you first. You're stubborn, hared to handle and sexy as all get-out. You've had youre hear broken, but that hasn't kept you from developing a strong circle of caring friends who appreciate your integrity. You arent' trying too hard to get people to notice you. That's cool, 'cause it's hard to miss you. You've got a serious presence, and a teeny bit of attention from you is enough to snag anyone's interest. Your unattainable vibe will keep 'em lining up for your attention."

The funny thing about these is they boost your sel-esteem to unbelievable degree. Of course I think all that stuff is true b/c it's soo good (but really it's not true, not even close).