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I know it's been awhile. Life is crazy with Lorien living here, school really getting into the swing of things, and oh yes, my communicable disease. I've been sick basically since I got back to Maryland. I hate being sick. I have to sleep a bunch, take medicine ...

So, it went beyond NyQuil solution three days ago. My right eye turned a fabulous shade of scarlet. Then, I quite ridiculously cried during Grey's Anatomy and wiped my eyes. Friday morning my left eye had a slow progression of redness. The doctor could finally see me on Friday (now that I had spread the yuckiness) and told me I had managed to get pink eye in both eyes. Stellar. Luckily, I hadn't gotten it from anything, but as a progression of the illness I had recently had.

A bunch of eye drops later the swelling has gone down on the right (it never got too bad on the left) and I don't look like I just got stoned. I have to wash my hands every ten minutes since I can't remember to leave my stupid face alone. I have some of the cleanest hands EVER!

This morning/early afternoon, my sister and I got up and cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. We threw away my body pillow (tear) because I slept on it without a cover for awhile since I've been sick. We scrubbed everything, vacuumed the carpet, took the covers off the couches, and have basically boiled my bedsheets.

We're stopping the illness here. And I'm taking enough drugs to open a pharmacy in my stomach. Seriously.

Grocery store time. Have a great weekend. Stay healthy! Love always, ~Heather