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Basically Boring

I feel like I have a million things to say and nothing to tell you all at the same time. Alot has been going on lately, but most of it has been happening ... well internally (i.e. not for blog publication).

Here are the basics:

School is going okay. I haven't really gotten into full swing yet. I also haven't had a full week with all of my classes yet either.

A professor I have a difficult time getting along with is really trying to help me. I need to stop venting about him because although he has his bad moments, he also has his good moments.

I'm being patient and nice dealing with multiple people on multiple fronts. This is like a really weird battle field. Some of the fronts are looking nicer than others. Some I want to approach more than others. Basically I'm dealing in a way I hate having to act: pretending/acting like nothing is wrong/troublesome/perturbing because otherwise everything would fall apart.

OKay, that's all. I was vague, brief, and almost entirely uninteresting. Like I told Caroline the other day, "If my life was a tv-movie, I would turn me off." Please don't you turn me off. Come back another day. I'll try to be more interesting. Promise.

Love always, ~Heather