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God's Talking

I was having trouble figuring out whether or not I was getting God's messages right. Sometimes I feel like I hear an answer to a question in my head, but I don't know if it is my voice, God's voice, or heaven-forbid some awful thing's voice, in my head. (Don't worry, I'm not "hearing voices," it's all just thinking.)

Then I realized that, at least sometimes, I was following God's voice correctly. Case in point: I was hanging out with a friend about two years ago and the friendship, for one reason or another, was rapidly dissipating. I kept hearing this call to maintain the friendship, to keep this person in my life. I could tell it was going to be important. (Though the importance was certainly misinterpreted.)

This past week, I made the connection to WHY that person was important. They were supposed to be there as a link to other people who are very important in my life now. Without my friend from then, I'd be short friends now. As I sit here and type this, I realize that this isn't the only time maintaining a dying friendship has led me to stronger friendships with other people. But back to the point ...

I've been listening to the Lord again and what I've got is a two word instruction. It is almost opposite of what I would normally do. But it sounds alot like that same voice, so I'm going to trust it. Is it weird that when I think I hear God talking it sounds an awful lot like my own voice, except it says things differently? Or at least things I wouldn't expect my own brain to come up with?

What does God sound like anyway? I guess it probably sounds different to everyone.

Okay, that was my random thought for the day. I'm off to an adventure! Love always, ~Heather