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Time change

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to exist in a totally different plane of existance, where, say, you had very little concept of time??
I no longer have to wonder, I know - I don't want to be there. Last night, after a very cool concert on the other side of town, Anna and I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out if the clocks were going to change in France today in respect to Daylight Savings Time. And, alas, it did. However, as Anna so graciously put it, "It doesn't matter if we gain an hour of sleep, because I'll have lost it trying to figure out if it exists!" This was sadly true. The good news now is, that I think I am only 5 hours apart from US time due to President Bush deciding he had the right to fiddle with TIME - a worldwide phenomena. One second, let me check CNN online and find out what time it is in the US .... (please hold while Heather searches...)
As it turns out (many minutes later), Daylight Saving Time (note the lack of "S") wasn't actually put into US law until 1986. So, Bush playing with time isn't such a big deal. And, his ideas to change it won't fall into place until 2007, so we are safe this year, and Congress has a year and a half to decide what to do. Also, I am still 6 hours away by time zone. France, in an effort to break EU policy, changed its clocks at 3am, not the standard EU 1am. I think 2 or 3am is much more suitable so that you do not accidentally have an extra minute on the day before .... ahh, who knew this could be so confusing?
Benjamin Franklin originally thought of the idea while he was in Paris, and continued to correspond with people here after his return to the US about the subject. He even published a book on the topic. But it wasn't until WWI that all of the modern world seemed to unite under the idea, and it was actually instituted in Germany before any place else (though time zones were first put in place by Canadian/American train companies in the late 19th century). Britain confused matters by having set their time 2 hours ahead and calling it "war time," but things have reverted now, and Greenwich Time keeps track of the actual minutes for most of the world. I'm sure you came online today just to hear all about this. Well, you are reading the working of Heather's mind, so you honestly deserve it ...
This is all to say, simply, Mom and Dad: Please feel free to call anytime tonight, we are still 6 hours apart. Love always, ~Heather


Aunt Rosemary said…
Yes, Daylight Saving: one extra hour to procrastinate about writing my Grad Lit Study paper on didacticism in Robinson Crusoe. Hope your cold is better; power outages don't help. Think of Kevin in Miami beach: no power or water, windows blown out from the hurricane. We, however, are snug by the fire, watching the red leaves fall, not even thinking about raking.

Marco said…
You think France is confused about DST? Try living in the state of Indiana:
- 77 counties, most of the state, are on Eastern Standard Time but do not use DST;
- 5 counties near Chicago, Illinois and 5 counties in the southwestern corner of the state are on Central Standard Time and do use DST; and
- 2 counties near Cincinnati, Ohio and 3 counties near Louisville, Kentucky are on Eastern Standard time but do observe DST. Their observance of DST is unofficial in this case, as a strict reading of the Uniform Time Act would not allow for this situation, but by observing DST, they remain synchronized with the greater Louisville and Cincinnati metropolitan areas.

(Source: Wikipedia)
Marco said…
Did you see? SOS did it again! Beat the Vols in Knoxville!

Go Cocks!