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Sports & Such

The past two days have been incredibly sporty. Tuesday night, Anna and I went to the gym after dinner to play badminton. Due to my lack of hand-to-eye coordination, I was not exactly the star player. Anna, however, was awesome! She played for a club team back in England, and all those years of serious competition were really showing off. We ducked out a little early to catch a film series at the Metropolis, which is this giant movie theater in our town. We got there just as the film would have been starting, and the line was forever long. So we decided to see a different film instead. We walked in to Caché. I read the description and discovered it was a scary movie. I hate scary movies. So then I had to go out and get permission to change movies. This is not as easy in french or in a french theater. I had to tell three different people that I was a big chicken about scary movies until finally the cashier called the manager to make sure it was alright for us to change - at this point the film had already started, so they weren't sure if it was okay. But, after a bit, they were okay with it, and we went and saw Bewitched. It wasn't the best movie ever, but I didn't lose any brain cells either.

Back to sports. Last night, I went to play with the Charleville Volleyball Club. It was alot of fun. Those of you who know me and anything about volleyball will understand this next bit well. I was by far the best female setter there, which is sad (if you don't know, I am not really a gifted setter). Also, they were playing with a very basic 6-2 formation that wasn't working since neither of the setters was aggressive or competent enough. However, all in all, the club is pretty good and I intend to keep playing with them on Wednesday nights. They have competitions against neighboring towns on Saturdays. I obviously will not be playing this Saturday after my first practice, but it would be fun to play in the future.

*Dad - to play in competitions, I have to sign a sports rider in case I get injured. I didn't want to do that before checking with you though, as we didn't purchase the sports part of the travel insurance, and I figured signing a form would make me part of the regular team here. Let me know what you think.*

Also, they invited me to play "flag." This is what they call flag football, because football here is soccer. I thought it was just plain funny. Anyway, I might do that, but the games are on Sunday mornings, and that will obviously interfere with church. We'll see.

Besides that, I have just been teaching and diving into the Harry Potter book as often as possible. I love it. Of course. The vocabulary is different, but I think it is really going to help. I read with a pencil in my hand, underlining all the words I don't already know. I haven't actually looked them up yet becauseI am trying to see if I can guess what they are from context clues. Anytime they have changed a name, I write the translation on the top of the page so that I can flip back quickly. There are a ton of names in the 6th book, so it is important to keep up!

The computers have continued to be annoying, and now they have gotten rid of the Microsoft Office programs, which is annoying, because it means I have to do everything on my laptop, save it to my flash drive, bring it downstairs, open it as a web page instead of a document, and then print it out. The frustration continues when it won't print properly, or I can't figure out how to change the margins. I love technology, but even though they have updated to the newest things, it appears as if they don't have any concious idea of what to do with it all. Perhaps we can figure it all out. Anyway; I am going to run because beautiful weather and Harry Potter are calling me to the courtyard. Love and miss you all. ~Heather


Mom & Dad said…
Go ahead and sign the sign up form for the volleyball team. While this is really an organized team - unlike a professional league for are playing for fun. So if you should get hurt, you were playing in a 'pick-up' game. Nothing special. It's a 'fun' league...keep this in mind and you should be alright.

Be careful about flag. While not a contact sport, it's a lot more dangerous once the players begin flying around the field - like quiddich.

Enjoy volleyball. Try not to show off too early, keep 'em guessing for a while.

Love Dad