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Class Observation & Ice Cream

Observing a French class is a lot like studying in reverse. However, it is pretty funny because it makes you realize that people in the US really have it easy. The first teacher said they were studying irregular verbs. Well, as it turns out, most English verbs are irregular, so these poor kids are struggling like nothing I’ve ever seen before. But, their spoken English is about where a student in their second year of college might be – except these kids are about 15. It is really amazing.

Also, it is sad sometimes when observing because Americans make mistakes between their, they’re, and there all the time. Here they do too, but this is their second language. It makes me want to pay better attention in school. Except, I’m not in school anymore. So, if you are in school, take advantage of the situation – learn something, would’ya?

Besides observing, I have had an opportunity to wander around town. In my travels, Anna and I got a phone. We are going to split the bill, because the only phone jack is in the hallway anyway. Plus, it doesn’t cost us a penny if someone wants to call us. This is not a hint of any kind, but it works out well, because we didn’t have to buy a big service plan. If you ever feel the need to call, or there is an emergency of some kind, my number here is The country code for France is 33. If that basically means nothing to you, try dialing the following number 011-33-324-58-27-87. That should get to here from most phones in America.

Also in our travels, we realized that we had forgotten to eat the ice cream we bought. I had put it in my fridge, and it was no longer frozen. In my infinite wisdom, I decided I could refreeze it. There is something missing in my wisdom department obviously. After managing to scrape the ice out of my freezer … wait, this is good to note: Never buy a non-self defrosting refrigerator with freezer. This stupid thing has been on for two weeks, and I scraped enough ice out of it to make a small snowman. No, I am really being serious, which is sad. Okay, so here I am in a glove (well, my hand got cold) with a spoon, having scraped out all this ice. Then I decided to try and fit the ice cream container in the small freezer. This is about the size of a toddler’s shoebox, but I’m thinking, I can do this. I can do anything really, right? Ack. Okay, so the container breaks a little, and the now "soup" is about to pour out. So, Anna takes it and puts it in the sink. Okay, to make a long story short, I decide to pour the ice cream onto a plastic plate (it has high sides). This was a super cool plan. Right up until Anna made me laugh. Well, actually, I was laughing before, but I’m blaming her regardless because she is sitting here. Okay, then I spilled the plate – not the whole plate, but a whole bunch – on my jeans and the floor, and in the fridge. But then I eventually got a little bit of it in there, and it froze over perfectly. Go me. I rock. Hahaha. If I rocked, I would have remembered to eat the ice cream in the first place.

Then today, we wandered in between lessons, and I bought scotch tape, a dry erase board, and an agenda. I was sorely missing my Mortar Board (for those who know what that is), but this is cool, because it has cartoons in it. Which, of course, I love. I also bought the 6th Harry Potter in French. Since I’ve already read it in english, I’ll know what is going on, and have an opportunity to improve my reading skills. Gotta love that Harry Potter. Anyway, I have a meeting tonight with some people from church and I need to eat dinner and post this before I go. So, that’s got to be it for now. Thanks for hanging in there. Love always, ~Heather


kmcmurray said…
Heather!! Oh man, you're in France. So cool. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures. You better be one of those people that keeps up with blogging. Well, I love ya and I'm praying for you. ~Kayla