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And so it begins...

This is the beginning of my first real week of adventures. I thought I had already told you all about the jazz soiree in Givet, and taking the train on Saturday with the random french youth, and getting a train pass, and doing laundry at the laundromat, and having dinner with Anna's family until midnight, going to church, eating a three hour long Sunday lunch, reading and hanging out in the afternoon, watching Il ├ętait une fois with Constance and the sausage meatloaf escapade. I knew I hadn't told you about watching Spiderman in french with the crazy man (turns out his name is Laurent Herr), drinking wine out of a giant coffee mug, getting up and reading, breakfast in bed, and then lunch with the Dominguez family; but to tell you the truth I just don't have the energy for a long blog at the moment. Also, I promised the smaller girls next door they could come over and watch a movie (if any of mine translate to french).

So, the beginning of my decline in writing has begun. (I really hope not, because I actually enjoy this.) Also, it is the beginning of vacation. I still have no plans, because I am a slacker, but we'll see. I have ideas. And I think I am going to try to be brave. This is, quite possibly, the beginning of my true adventures in France - without guidance, without an English teacher to help me out, without someone by my side every minute - it could be the beginning of an amazing experience. We'll see, I suppose.

For now, I am going to research some possibilities really quickly before going to get the girls. I'll let you know what I figure out. Oh, and feel free to comment from time to time, I love hearing what you have to say on a subject! Love always, ~Heather