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There is alot (I know that that isn't proper English, but I really like it, and it is in the dictionary) of planning going on here right now. First, I am trying to plan all my lessons. I think I have it pretty much covered at this point, but you never really know, do you? I make the worksheets twice a week, but finding good links is often difficult. Even when I find a good page, it tends to be three or four clicks in on another page, and the longer the address, the more likely they aren't going to type it in properly, so I have to choose shorter, more simple addresses.

After all the lesson planning there is vacation planning. Yes, I have been teaching for two weeks (and observing for one) and the French government is giving me ten days of vacation! The question is, how do I make the most of my time here without using every ounce of savings that I have? Also, how do you travel to foreign places or strange new cities without a travelmate?

Because I don't like being alone when I am sitting in my room, you can imagine that I don't really want to be alone in a new city somewhere. So, I am trying to plan my ten days of vacation accordingly. So far, I have decided the following things: I want to go someplace else in France and I want to visit another country. That pretty much sums it up. No, seriously, I am thinking about Nantes, because there is a Jules Verne Museum there, a planetarium, an archaeolgy museum, and there are gardens and such there too. My other choice is Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Anne Frank's House Museum is there, they mostly will speak to you in English, and I am sure that the capitol of a European country has a few other things I could investigate (while stearing clear of any red light districts).

No matter what though, I am going to need a travel buddy. Since all of the assistants are going to be on vacation, I am hoping to convince one of them to come with me. I think doing it as a series of two day trips will help me out, but might not be cheaper, so we'll see. One of the teachers here invited me to come and stay with her in Reims and there is always Paris as well. I'll make sure to keep you updated. That's it for now really. My cold is going away, and by the next time I write, hopefully it will be completely gone! Love always, ~Heather