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September Shots

I feel pretty bad about not blogging consistently over the past couple of weeks (um, okay, months). But it is National Blog Posting Month and this is really my motivation to get blogging. So, I'm a few weeks late ... eh, I'm late with everything lately. This is not a characteristic I'm okay with, but I'm going to do my penance in a series of photoblogs over the next couple of days (finally having downloaded some of the pictures off my camera and from my email).

So here, from the superbly-stupendous September, I present, my missing blog posts in photos.

Foggy Bottom (above) and Georgetown University (below) while sitting in traffic on the Key Bridge on my way to rehearsal for the gospel choir concert mid-month. Foggy Bottom shot includes (left to right) the Watergate Hotel, Washington Monument and Kennedy Center.

The townhouse, with our (unintentional) front-yard-jungle. Over 10 foot tall sunflowers, zinnia at around 4 feet, morning glories taking over the gate, and a regular sized dogwood tree that blends in a little since it is still summer-y and green.

From a brief trip to New Jersey for the funeral of our dearly departed great-grandmother, Nanny. It's difficult that the family only really gets to come together for weddings and funerals now that we're 30+ members strong. Above, the picture my aunt took of me since I was hiding behind the lens shooting many of the family photos. Below are the cousins who were able to make it to the service.

National Book Festival on September 27 on the National Mall. It was a rainy day, but it was totally worth it.

Two of my favorite childhood authors: Katherine Patterson (of A Bridge to Terabithia fame) (above) and R.L. Stine (below).

A rainbow after waiting in the rain for an hour for a signature on The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales (above). Sign from our line (below).

Scieszka himself. It was one of the most hysterical talks I've ever heard. Totally loved it.

October tomorrow. Love always, ~Heather