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October Optics

And here now is a visually interesting version of October.

Mt. Vernon at twilight, before we had partaken of the fabulous wine tent.

The view of the Potomac from the back side of the mansion, still sunset, obviously.

My wine glass in front of the seasonal decorations at probably the fourth or fifth table.

And mid-month, Dana came to visit from Wisconsin.

We had lunch with Bill and Mason in the cemetery at Christ Church in Old Town. A favorite luncheon spot of mine (above). And then had a little photo-shoot afterwards because for some reason we are rarely in pictures together (below).

We went to the Sports Pub to watch the Gamecocks vs. LSU game. There weren't enough chairs for the twelve or so people who showed up for our table, so she was on my lap for a portion of the night (above). Below, she's with her friends from Madison who happened to be in DC the same time as her (from left to right, Scott, Dana, Luke, Damon).

Afterwards, we went back to the townhouse for a commiseration cookie party. It was a bake-off of epic proportions as my traditional 20 minute start-to-finish recipe challenged Rachel's two day NYTimes recipe. Rachel with the cookies that won by majority vote (below).

There was much cookie-eating by all, including Cag, who seemed to think his cookie was naughty or something.

And there were still TONS of cookies leftover, despite the ten or so guests.

All of the pictures above are from Cag and Dana. In my defense, I did take pictures at Mt. Vernon, his just came out better and Dana was in charge of taking pictures the weekend she was visiting. For the rest of those, check out Facebook.

The only other pictures I can dig up from October (which was really just waves and waves of working crazy hours for one event after another at work) are from the very last day of October, spent in Iowa. But all of those pictures deserve their own posts.

Love always, ~Heather