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I am currently living in a series of countdowns. These can be seen in two ways:

1. Impending explosions
2. Launching new and exciting things

My current countdowns vary from work stuff (upcoming events, one single full work week until January, projects to be completed before 2009, etc.) to house stuff (two guests coming, multiple party/events, necessary winter cleaning/decorating, etc.) to personal stuff (travel, doctors appointments, choir rehearsals, etc.).

All in all, my life is about to become junior-year-at-USC-busy (when I was: coaching two volleyball teams, president of the Honors College student body, RA for the CMC, working in Columbia Hall, taking 18+ hours a semester, planning my senior thesis, teaching Sunday school and occasionally attempting to have a life - among other, regular college things).

I'm a little nervous about the impending schedule. There is so much going on in the next two months (which you'll be hearing about AFTER it happens for the most part) and I'm not the same girl I was junior year. At that point, I'd been building up my schedule over two years and I had a pretty solid support system in some fellow RA's and friends. Now, I may be out of practice. But, I'm not letting my nervousness get the better of me.

Because everything coming up is so exciting. I mean REALLY cool. Including, in January (after the storm of other stuff), going to an inaugural ball at the Air & Space Museum. Which is a totally fantasy evening for me. A fabulous dress, an inauguration, shagging (all that practice at midnight - for my friends who remember our bring-your-own-blanket events on the Horseshoe), and all of it in my favorite museum. It is so absolutely dreamy to me. I'm trying not to build it up in my head too much, just in case!

This brings us back to the countdowns though (since I mentioned space). I am hoping for all launches. But I know the statistical ratios aren't in my favor. Actually, I have a record sort of like Werner Van Braun before they decided on the Atlas rockets (get yourself a little history if you need an interpretation). So what I'm hoping is that my experience - however limited - in handling multiple events and such, will bring me up to the level of Saturn V testing. The Saturn V was a pretty darn good rocket (and they had most of the kinks worked out by then).

Fingers crossed.

In the mean time, my number line in countdowns:


I'll send a batch of Christmas cookies to anyone who can untangle that whole code. Just pop me an email with your guesses and your address. Hint 1: a letter never stands for the same thing twice.

More hints to come until someone gets the series right.

Off to un-shuck my pomegranate!

Love always,