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And You Thought Iowa was all Corn

I finally made a trip out to see Caroline in Iowa, and this is the first of a couple of photoblogs to show you about my exciting vacation.

Caroline's sorority house at Palmer Chiropractic (above) and another sorority house across the street (below). Loving the architecture.

On the road as we turned towards the "farm" in Tiffin.

Once we arrived at the house, we got right to work making applesauce. We'd need it the next day for apple butter. I spent most of my time using the squeez-o and cranking boiled apple quarters (below).

We filled each and every one of those 3 and five gallon pots with sauce before the end of the day (above). Don't you just love the fashionable apron I got to wear? (below)

After all the saucing, it was time to kick back. Caroline's dad prepped the fire we'd use in the morning for the apple butter and Caroline and I had s'more fun (below).

Our marshmallows roasting on actual roasting sticks - as opposed to real sticks from the yard (above). Prepping the sticks (below).

Me eating my first s'more in a really long time (above). Caroline showing off her sticky fingers (below).

This may or may not have been the s'more I decided to make without the graham crackers (since I don't really love those). I was a chocolate and marshmallow mess and laughing so hard I could barely eat the darn thing as it melted onto my fingers (below) .

We went to bed shortly after this. I was totally exhausted (being out the door by 4:45 a.m. and gaining an hour will do that to you as you sneak towards midnight) and yet more relaxed than ever. What a terrific, costume-free Halloween.

Also, I hope you note the lack of corn in these photos. Just goes to show they have way more than that in Iowa.

Love always, ~Heather