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On a Cloud

I want to tell you about my absolutely fabulous week.

The wine festival at Mt. Vernon on Sunday evening was absolutely splendid. I'm not sure if I have already posted about this, or just talked about it enough to feel like I did. I'll check back and post about it later if I haven't. It can definitely fill its own post.

Monday started a busy week at work where everything that could go right did, and everything that could go wrong was able to be avoided or immediately counteracted. I got my whole to-do list finished and wasn't stressed about the occasional later evenings. I figured out how to do podcasting for our event on Tuesday with the help of two of my colleagues.

Monday night I made pie and ate it with my two neighbors Steve and Mike. I love that my neighbors and I get along and are able to hang out either on the front walk or around a pretty decent apple pie I baked from apples Steve and his family picked over the weekend.

Tuesday brought the pleasant surprise that an op-ed I had helped write and edit had been reprinted - word for word - in the Tennessean. Of course, I was ghost-writing (hence the lack of a link for now), but my words made it in a huge name paper in the city the presidential debate was happening in on the morning of the debate. Totally awesome.

I watched the debate with Cag on Tuesday night, which was fun. It is always interesting to be able to debate the debate. Bonded with Travis on the phone on the way home. I love how much closer I am to my siblings now than I was before!

On Wednesday night I got to play volleyball with my old team - for potentially the last time. We lost, which is sort of our MO (modus operandi), but it was still good fun and moderately good exercise. Afterwards I hung out with Paula and got to meet her new significant other, which was nice (after hearing so much about him). I also debriefed on my own boy situation with her and her roommate (who also happens to be a work colleague), which helped me get a few things in perspective.

Thursday was the day of the awesome podcasting revelation at work and when I got most everything settled down for the major events we're having on Tuesday. Then at night I went and saw Altar Boyz with Ginny, Paula and her roommate (need to check on the okay-ness of name posting). It was the most hysterical show I've ever seen. Our tickets weren't all together, so the house manager found us new seats as a group. Front row center. So fabulous. My face hurt so bad from all of the laughing and smiling. Highly, highly recommended (a reasonable price and metro accessible up at the Bethesda Theater).

Friday we did alot to prep for the upcoming weekend before the aforementioned big events on Tuesday. Then, it was finally time to go home. I really felt a strong desire to have my house clean before the weekend. With so much going absolutely swimmingly in my life, having the house be clean just seemed like the sort of icing I could put on my own cake.

After work I talked to Aunt Ro for about an hour, dishing about my wonderful week and how I felt like my life was just ... glorious. I was so happy and it felt like I was on a cloud. I'd been giddy, smiling, laughing, and barely sleeping all week from the happiness (seratonin apparently keeps me awake - or at least gives me very realistic dreams).

First however, I went for a long walk with my neighbor Mike - including a stop for ice cream (my not-so-secret sugary passion). He also helped me hang this mirror case I got at a garage sale in Ocean City over Memorial Day weekend which has been waiting to be hung for quite awhile now. Then I vegged out and watched my TiVoed Grey's Anatomy.

Finally I was energized enough to clean the house. Managed to do my room 90%, the upstairs bath, vacuumed the living room and my bedroom, swept the kitchen, foyer and dining areas, cleaned the counters and stove and did the remaining dishes (that were mine to do anyway). I even dusted.

Now I must say that I had a slight ulterior motive for my cleaning splurge, but now that it is all so clean (or at least tidy), I feel a freedom from my mess that will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of things.

Of course, Saturday morning brought the rest of the cleaning and some errands before I ran out to the CCSP for the 12:30 kickoff. We had a good (if not turnover heavy) USC win over Kentucky - which means my party next week (buzz me if you're interested) to watch the LSU vs. USC match-up will probably be in the evening.

I went to the bookstore and grabbed The Secret Life of Bees for the new book club I'm joining in two weeks and I also found a killer cocktail dress for under $8 (with tax) on the way home. On a side note, I started reading the book walking most of the way home, skipped the house and went and sat on a park swing in the beautiful weather to read some more.

Followed all that with a nap, and then hanging out with Cag to watch the LSU vs. Florida game with his friend Robin (totally cool chick). After half time we switched to a movie, Awakenings with Robin Williams and Robert Deniro. It was a really good movie. Also highly recommended.

Pair all of this with amazing weather, artichokes and tomatoes growing in the garden, some adult steps in my personal finance corner, and the prospect of a visit from Dana next weekend and going to Iowa two weeks after that ... well it just lines up to being heavenly.

If my personal quest is happiness, then this week was surely proof that I am on my way. It isn't to say bad/disappointing/unfortunate things didn't happen this week. Because, believe me, they did. But what makes a week happy and oh, this good, is that the good greatly outweighed the bad. And, if I never had to deal with challenges, I'd never truly enjoy the really great things (like the majority of this week).

So YAY to fall and friends and football and a productive week in my work and home lives. It's been a good week.

Love always, ~Heather